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    of Business Solutions
           Since 1993

 We Create Valuable And Powerful Ways To
 Disseminate Business & Financial Wisdom

Info L Inc Is a Canadian Leader In The Creation of Communities of Practice

      Info l inc Certifies and Administers the Corporate Memory Builder Designation

     Strategic Archives Is a Starter Template for CMB Students and Members
     and iAccountants

Leading With Purpose        

Communities of Practice, Purpose Driven Taxonomies, Simple Machines

     iAccountants are Corporate Memory Builders Who License Added IP and
     Resources To Work With Fewer Better Clients Adding Value, Not Just Numbers.

     Info L inc Owns and Operates Taxboard With The TAGteam. Taxboard is a
     Leading Canadiian Community of Practice For Canadian  Accounting and
     Tax Professionals. The Taxboard Portal Is an Index of Valuable Resources

     Trusted Wisdom Delivers Seminars to Business Owners & Their Spouses
     That Empower Them To Ask The Right Business and Financial Questions

     TeamStart publishes practical business know how in easy to learn and use formats
     Economic Gardening Is a Community Economic Growth CoP Option For
     iAccountants. It Adds IP Around a Balanced Community Scorecard
     and Adds  World Economic Forum Ranking Criteria. 
    Info L inc operates initiatives on its own and via agreements with others.
    It is open to proposals that lever its intellectual properties through
    software, seminars and web sites

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Community of Practice for Canadian
 Tax and Accounting Professionals

         Key Numbers & Strategic Memories
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  Empowering Business Owners With
 Questions and Strategies That Work
Business and Financial Know-How You
           Can Implement Tomorrow
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Empowering Local Professionals and Business Owners
With Tools and Know How To Build Vibrant Communities

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