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     Info L Inc  is a  Canadian  leader in the  creation of Communities of Practice

     Strategic Archives  helps businesses work smarter, learn better, collaborate
     more securely, and remember more.

     iAccountants are   trained as  Corporate Memory Builders and  provided with
     resources to help them and their clients become more successful.

    Trusted Wisdom  delivers  seminars to business owners  and their spouses
    while Economic Gardening focuses on communities

    Info L inc operates initiatives on its own and via agreements with others. It is
    open to proposals that lever its intellectual properties.
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Community of Practice for Canadian
 Accounting and Tax Professionals

         Accounting Re-defined As
        Corporate Memory Keeping

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  Empowering Business Owners With
 Questions and Strategies That Work
Business and Financial Know-How You
           Can Implement Tomorrow
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Empowering Local Professionals and Business Owners
With Tools and Know How To Build Vibrant Communities

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